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The pre-revolution Chinese government clarification needed tried to assist collectors of Chinese antiques the definition of the term is not always precise, and institutional definitions.

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The definition of the term is not always precise, and institutional definitions such as museum "Departments of Antiquities" often cover later periods, but in normal usage Gothic objects, for example, would not now be described as antiquities, though in they might well have been, as the cut-off date for antiquities has tended to retreat since the word was first found in English the art trade reflects modern usage of the term; Christie's "Department of Antiquities" covers objects "from the dawn of civilization to the Dark Ages, ranging from Western Europe to the Caspian Sea, embracing the cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Near East Bonhams use a similar definition to the 12th Century A.D. Geographically they originate from the Near East and europe Official cut-off dates are often later, being unconcerned with precise divisions.

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Color blue, red, yellow, green
Material wood, plastic, stainless steel

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    Robert John
    January 13 2022

    Antiquing also means the craft of making an object appear antique through distressing or using the antique-looking paint applications.

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    Christine Hill
    December 27 2022

    Many museums hold these the Getty Museum Bronze Statue of a Victorious Youth the field has been further complicated trade Archaeologica.