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CCTV regularly broadcasts the forced confessions of accused or convicted criminals and produces programming to go along with them these programs are often filmed before the beginning of formal judicial procedures Domestic dissidents such as lawyers journalists, and activists as well as foreigners have been the victim of this practice Humphrey and Charles forced confessions were aired on CCTV Since being freed, Humphrey has been highly critical of CCTV and the practice of airing forced confessions the British media regulator Ofcom sided with Humphrey and announced sanctions.

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Official media coverage of the Zhanfan's presentation focused on his call to avoid fake news. against which aired Humphrey's confession and was branded as CCTV News.


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Because network cameras are embedded devices and do not need to output an analogue signal resolutions higher than closed-circuit television CCTV analogue cameras are possible A typical analogue CCTV camera has a PAL pixels NTSC pixels whereas network cameras may have pixels SVGA pixels also referred to as megapixel resolutions.

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An analogue or digital camera connected to a video server acts as a network camera, but the image size is restricted to that of the video standard of the camera However optics lenses and image sensors not video resolution, are the components that determine the image quality Network cameras can be used for very cheap surveillance solutions requiring one network camera some Ethernet cabling and one PC or to replace entire CCTV installations cameras become network cameras tape recorders become DVRs and CCTV monitors become computers with TFT screens and specialised software.

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Development of digital technology, individuals have become increasingly perceptible to one another surveillance becomes virtual Online surveillance is the utilization of the internet to observe one's activity Corporations, citizens, and governments participate in tracking others' behaviours for motivations that arise out of business relations, to curiosity, to legality. In her book Superconnected Mary Chayko differentiates between two types of surveillance vertical and horizonta claim that turning CCTV installations.

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During the NATO military intervention in Libya in 2011 reports from CCTV tended to support Gaddafi's arguments, claiming that the coalition forces attacked Libyan civilians and the military.


Intervention was no different from an invasion In some of the news reports CCTV used images demonstrators and claimed a supporter.

Saving uncompressed digital recordings takes up an enormous amount of hard drive space, and a few hours of uncompressed video could quickly fill up a hard drive. Holiday uncompressed recordings may look fine but one could not run uncompressed quality recordings on a continuous basis. Motion detection is therefore sometimes used as a work around solution to record in uncompressed quality however in any situation where standard-definition video cameras are used the quality is going to be poor because the maximum pixel resolution of the image chips in most of these devices is 320,000 pixels.

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Another way to store recordings on a non-analogue media is through the use of a digital video recorder Such a device is similar in functionality to a PC with a capture card and appropriate video recording software devices.


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    Robert John
    January 13 2022

    Numerous civil rights groups and privacy groups oppose surveillance as a violation of people's right to privacy. Such groups include: Electronic Privacy Information Center, Electronic Frontier Foundation American.

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    Christine Hill
    December 27 2022

    There have been several lawsuits such as Hepting v. AT&T and EPIC. Department of Justice by groups or individuals, opposing certain surveillance activities. Civil Liberties Union and Privacy International.


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