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There is far too much data on the Internet for human investigators to manually search through all of it. Therefore, automated Internet surveillance computers sift through the vast amount of intercepted Internet traffic to identify and report to human investigators the traffic that is considered interesting or suspicious This process is regulated by targeting certain trigger.


Computers can be a surveillance target because of the personal data stored on them If someone is able to install software.

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Mariya Aron
27 March

The official and unofficial tapping of telephone lines is widespread. In the United States for instance, the Communications Assistance For Law.

Edward Henry
13 June

Enforcement Act CALEA requires that all telephone and VoIP communications be available for real-time wiretapping.

Aashron Jhonson
07 March

Saving uncompressed digital recordings takes up an enormous amount of hard drive space and a few hours of uncompressed video could.

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