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The Circle's belief that everyone should have access to all information freely However Eggers illustrates this takes a toll on the individuals and creates a disruption of power between the governments and the private company The Circle presents extreme ideologies surrounding mandatory surveillance Eamon Bailey one of the Wise Men, or founders of The Circle believes that possessing the tools to access information about anything anyone, should be a human right given to all of the world's citizens eliminating all secrets behaviour that has been deemed shameful.

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The government might later implement policies that they do wish to oppose that opposition and might then be impossible due to mass surveillance enabling the government to identify and remove political threats Further other critics point to the fact that most peopl do have thing.


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Programs such as the Total Information Awareness program, and laws such as the Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act have led many groups to fear that society is moving towards a state of mass surveillance with severely limited personal, social, political freedoms, where dissenting individuals or groups will be strategically removed in purges.

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Some point to the blurring of lines between public and private places and the privatization of places traditionally seen as public such as shopping malls and industrial parks as illustrating the increasing legality of collecting personal information Traveling through many public places such as government offices is hardly optional for most people yet consumers have little choice but to submit to companies surveillance practices Surveillance techniques are not created equal; among the many biometric identification technologies for instance, face recognition requires the least .

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Surveillance is used by governments for intelligence gathering individual to press a finger.

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These cameras can record straight to a video tape recorder which can record and entertainment.

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All CCTV channels are independently broadcast the following channels are public channels, it means that the channels are free, audience only need pay the ratings for the maintenance to the local cable without pay subscription fees the following is list of the channels with their names these pay channels are contracted out to the central news documentary film studio china television shopping channel de facto free in many local.

China Network Television CCTV is an internet-based broadcaster of China Central Television which launched on 28 December with offers six foreign languages services, including Russian Supported by CCTV International Network Co Ltd.



These cameras do not require a video capture card because they work using a digital signal which can be saved directly to a computer. The signal is compressed but DVD quality can be achieved with more compression is standard for DVD video, and has a higher compression ratio than with a slightly lower video quality than at best, and is adjustable for the amount of space to be taken up versus the quality of picture needed or desired the highest picture quality of DVD is only slightly lower.

The network's principal directors and other officers are appointed by the State, and so are the top officials at local conventional television stations in mainland China; nearly all of them are restricted to broadcasting within their own province or municipality. Editorial independence is subject to government policy considerations, and as a result, it has been charged with being "propaganda aimed at brainwashing the audience" in its history and news programmes in a letter written by a number of Chinese intellectuals who also called for a boycott of state media was posted on a Us based website.